Introducing gBots Academy for Rainbow 6

Mon 9th Apr 2018 - 11:16am : Gaming

It’s been a month and a half since we started the research of young talents with an announcement that had a great welcome from the community and that made us start the project with tens of applicants. This past weeks, after a lot of working days for the Rainbow 6 gBots Academy, we reduced the number to 20 players that will make two teams of equal value: gBots Academy Black and gBots Academy Purple. This are two teams with international line up, ¡and it’s time to introduce them!

On the Black line up you will see talents like the ducth Tijme ‘Eastwood’ Dekker and Rik ‘Craxan’ Kerkhoven, the austrian Benedikt ‘Shermi’ Rostok, the french Thomas ‘Awack’ Scarpitta and the swedish Dennis ‘L-18’ Larsson. Eastwood said some words in the name of Team Black: "As teamcaptain, im glad to say that we are super motivated to grind our way to big achievements and we thank gBots to offer us the opportunity to help us reach them!".

On the other hand, looking at Purple line up you will find players with the potencial of the spanish Andrés ‘SART3N’ Rodriguez, the brazilian Yaman ‘s0ra’ Andrade and the french Guillaume ‘Olxen’ Zerbib, Thomas ‘vProsperz’ Boroyan and Baptiste ‘Blunted’ Pujol. Team Purple's captain, Olxen, said: "I am very grateful to gBots, SbNNNN and Hellombre for the trust they put on us. To evolve in a professional environment is an amazing opportunity and we will work hard to fulfill our ambitions!"

Besides we are also counting on the substitutes Dean ‘Avaiche’ Groenen, from Belgium, and José ‘Naigal’ Rodriguez, from Venezuela. The project director, David ‘SbNNNN’ Genoun, has also dedicated some words about both teams:

"Each line up has different qualities and defaults, the real challenge for each one will be to overcome these weaknesses and work to become better. Our objectives will be of course to reach Challenger and professional leagues, but aside of that the true goal is to grow up and improve as a team until we perform well together. Both teams will have working methods in common, but strats will be different for each one. Working with them is a great opportunity for me and ‘Hellombre’, my colleague manager! Welcome to gBots guys!"

Beyond the launch of this two teams, we want to give the players the biggest welcome from the robot family and wish them the better experience for their careers.